How can you benefit from Shopify B2B merchant services?

B2B means that the distributor is working for the manufacturer and the retailer. He is between both positions. The manufacturer is in charge of making up the product and the retailer is who sell the product to the end customer. The B2B distributor is the intermediary that buys huge quantities of products to the manufacturer and offers really good wholesale prices to the retailer.

But… what are the benefits of B2B wholesale merchant?

  • They have a fixed price
  • They start the business really fast
  • There are not hidden fees or tricky offers
  • They had the lowest government purchasing rates
  • They offer a quick shipping
  • They normally have a wide range of products
  • The payment method is compatible with other usual methods such as Paypal or Playflow

B2B is increasing and nowadays more people are interested in using their service. Now we are going to analyze some of the reasons why people prefer Business to business companies. Here you will see 5 relevant arguments:

  1. They are more competitive offering the best products
  2. They offer support and real contact to retailers
  3. They have an automated method to guarantee efficient purchase processes.
  4. They reduce the costs of the products
  5. They will make as much as possible to raise your revenues

Why to trust B2B companies?

Technology has changed our lives even our consumer habits. Nowadays we need technology for everything: shopping, cooking, cleaning, speaking, etc. Moreover, we prefer to buy things on Internet in order to save money and time. Currently people is working a huge amount of hours and when they arrive home they just want to rest searching new acquisitions on their tablets.

What is more, online shops have develop important methods to automate the purchase process what makes it really simple an easy for both parts: sellers and buyer. B2B wholesale distributors use a complete automatic purchasing strategy what guarantees a safest order.

This way, B2B wholesale suppliers also promote an efficient shipping just taking a few days to receive you purchase. Moreover, as everything is well organized errors are completely avoided. Have never happened to you to receive the wrong order or the wrong colour? With B2B it is eradicate.

Advantages for B2B suppliers

Not everything is going to be good for retailers. B2B suppliers have also the opportunity to expand their business, the can increase their brand awareness and they can create their own advertisement design. As they buy directly from the manufacturer they can negotiate prices, quality and type of products. They are free, but they need to follow a well-organized strategy to be the best ones in the market because there are lot of competence.

Shopify can offer you high quality B2B distributors as they are an important and well-renowned company. This company has the best wholesale distributors because all of them are authorized.

Therefore, we hope you find this article really interesting and helpful. We encourage you to start buying to B2B distributors.